How to use the cheats for Star wars force arena


When you use our Star Wars: Force Arena hack you are using the most advanced tool in the industry. The code was all written by hand and double, no, triple checked to verify it’s the best! When we developed this, we built it with you, the end user in mind. Our plan was the make the process as user friendly and simple as possible. After months and many hard hours of work, we are proud to present the best cheat in the business!

This Star Wars: Force Arena tool has many amazing features that you will not find anywhere else. We utilize full private proxies on the server side requests, so the requests are fully encrypted. What’s that mean for you? It’s impossible to be caught and banned! Now you will have no excuses for being beaten by your friends 🙂

There is no need to download Star wars force arena cheat tool because all the hard work is done on the server side. All you need to do is kick back in your chair with a nice cup of coffee, and let the scripts do the rest. So now it’s time to stop waiting around, and start dominating this game!

Guess what! Today you have just stumbled upon something that will change your Star Wars: Force Arena experience FOREVER! Consider this point a cross-roads. You can take the red pill, or you can take the blue pill. Be advised, though, once you start down the path of using this tool, you’ll never be able to play the game “normally” again! Are you struggling with keeping enough Crystals around for your warriors? No problem! Generate all the Crystals you could ever need! Running low on credits to unlock heroes? NOT ANYMORE! Today is the day you begin to dominate this game! Your friends will be baffled at how quickly your armies have grown!

What is this heaven-sent technology?

We get it, you’ve been to all the other sites promising awesome tips and cheats and strategy to get free credits… But they were all empty promises, right? Well stop wasting your time! You’ve tried the rest, now use the best! In order to understand what you’re dealing with, I need to share some background. You see, back when Star Wars: Force Arena was released, our team played it day and night. We all enjoy a good video game to waste time! The problem we kept encountering was never having enough Crystals, credits to really dominate. One rainy day, fate changed this game forever! One of our good friends xZid discovered a loophole in the code. Upon this discovery, he wrote a simple exploit which allowed him to enter in ANY amount for his supplies. After finding this out, he shared it with the gang, and we knew what had to be done! After more sleepless nights, and lots of Monster Energy Drink (oh yeah!!) we churned out the best Star Wars: Force Arena hack for 2014 that works!
Check out this in-game screenshot Holy cow! Do you see that!? Those supplies are on an account that is less than a week old, and guess what… We are still using it today! That’s right, if you are still wasting your time and money trying to get supplies, you’re doing it wrong if you aren’t using this.

The Features Explained

Proxy Support
Whenever using a program which manipulates game servers, you must remain completely anonymous to avoid having your account banned. That’s where proxies come into play. A proxy goes between your computer and the game. This way, if Facebook ever gets suspicious of how you got all those credits, they will not be able to trace it back to your computer. Our cheat has built in proxy support.
Constant Updates
Coding is only as good as the coders. Our goal is to constantly keep our up to date and always functioning. We strive to deliver 100% satisfaction with all of our tools.
Multiple Daily Queries
Did you just generate 100,000 credits but realized you still need some Crystals? No problem, our servers can handle multi threaded requests with ease! There have been many stress-test loads done on our servers to verify how many supplies can be acquired at once, and trust us, you’ll never be able to bog down these servers.
Take Action!
So why are you still sitting there reading all of this boring text!? You need to be out playing Star Wars: Force Arena and DOMINATING your friends! Seriously, you now have no more excuses to not win every battle you are involved in and rank up every day. Go enter however many credits and Crystals you need and start winning!

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