Steps to hack a friend’s Instagram account

Let’s get straight into the steps.

Step 1
First, make sure that you are good with burning the bridge of whoever’s Instagram account you’ll be hacking into. Many people take Instagram very seriously, and you are learning how to hack an Instagram account for free, right?

Step 2
You are either going to need to decide between maliciously getting their password or just have some fun. Having some fun is easy – simply jump on their computer when they’re in the bathroom, in the kitchen, out of the house, etc.

Maliciously getting a password is much harder. You will either need to install some sort of program on the victim’s computer in order to learn how to hack an Instagram account, or multiple computers if you want to learn how to hack Instagram accounts. Let’s get started.

Step 3
Alright… now one more thing. In order to instagram password hack you will want some basic programming knowledge such as PHP, Perl, Python, C++, and a little bit of Delphi. These aren’t necessary if you get an “out of the box” solution which I’ll give you in a second.

If you want to do it yourself, visit W3Schools which has every tutorial on the planet.

Step 4
Now, using programs to obtain an Instagram username and password will be much easier, but it can also harm you in the process! Many so called programs, tutorials, etc. are actually meant to harm your computer. They can steal YOUR passwords in the process of letting you steal others. Some will just appear to do nothing when you are learning how to Hack Instagram for free, but really they are running silently in your computer.

The easiest way to combat this and to get on your way to learning how to insta hack and get it from a trusted source. If you can find it at CNET they are guaranteed to be free of malware and spyware.

Can’t find anything there? Try Google. You are going to be searching for a friendly keylogger.

Friendly keyloggers are controlled completely from you and come from reputable companies. Malicious keyloggers are run by you and can do much more damage. Always use a friendly keylogger.

Getting it installed on their computer is easy. Either do it yourself or pose as a friend – “hey man, install this cool game!” – most people are idiots when it comes to computers. They may thing think they’re smart, but they’re idiots and people that actually know computers will laugh at them. After you read this tutorial on for instagram password generator you will be a little better at computers.

Step 5
Great, you’ve installed the keylogger. Get their information from the keylogger which will log anything the victim types. If they use the on screen keyboard, you’re out of luck. Post funny things like “I’m gay” and change their relationship status to widowed.

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